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Valuation & VIN Decoding

Whatever the purpose of the appraisal, from fair market value for insurance to liquidation due to disbursement of property, our experts can help. We offer two types of appraisal reports:


Do you have questions about your VIN?

For just $25, one of our experts can help by decoding and verifying your VIN. We will provide you with a short report of the breakdown of the manufacturer’s codes and include provided photographs of your VIN plate and title.


Limited Appraisal Report $250 (per vehicle)

Desktop evaluation of vehicle with photos and description provided by you, the client. Within the report, the VIN will be decoded, your photos added, and the proper value opinion establish based upon reason for the appraisal. 


Full Appraisal Report $500 (per vehicle plus expenses) 

A full appraisal report requires our expert to personally inspect the vehicle. Photographs will be taken by the appraiser which will be included in the report along with VIN decoding and verification. The title of the vehicle must be readily available to appraiser. The appraiser will be available as an expert witness, if necessary (additional fees may apply). Recommended for collections with negotiable rates.


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