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Experience the Difference:

Recently, a customer decided to sell his customized Mustang. He contacted one of the online auction outlets. The consignment was refused because of his aftermarket modifications. These aftermarket modifications were professionally built by one of the Top 5 modification companies in the US, one that everyone would easily recognize even those outside the collector car industry. He opted then for a live auction. The auction site is in Texas and our customer resides in the Northeast. He paid the auction house a $1,000 entry fee. He contacted a shipper for transportation to the auction site. The transportation cost $2,000. He bought airfare for himself and his wife for $400 roundtrip per person. He booked a hotel for 3 nights at a cost of $421.20. He set the reserve for his vehicle at $35,000. Even though the auction was televised, the Mustang did not reach reserve. He was asked by the auction to drop his reserve to $30,000. Rather than pay another $2,000 to get the vehicle back home, he agreed to sell his Mustang for $30,000. He paid the auction a 10% commission of $3,000. In total, he spent $7,221.20 to sell a vehicle for less than his reserve. Let us imagine for a moment that he sold his Mustang with Cord & Kruse…his total out of pocket expenses would have been $1,849, saving him a total of $5,372.20.


The Difference for Consignors...

We provide ALL the promotion and customer service of a live auction house at the cost and ease of selling with an online classified or timed event provider. It is our promise that your entire entry fee of $99 will fully go towards advertising your vehicle including but not limited to industry publications (,, etc.), social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), targeted emails (in-house and industry mailing lists), online advertising (geo-targeted Google and social media ads, YouTube, press releases, blogs, etc.), PLUS long-term customer relationships that can only be provided by individuals with ample experience and trusted names in the collector car industry. The required professional photography and videography will be owned by YOU. We will hold back-to-back auctions covering the entirety of the United States … first with Proxibid and then Auction Mobility. Following each auction, our sales staff will continue to work with buyers and sellers to close additional sales. If your vehicle is not sold at auction, you will receive an additional 30-days of marketing on our website at no additional charge.


Compare the Costs:


Cord & Kruse

Average Live Auction House

Average Time Event Auctions

Entry Fee

$99 + $250 = $349

$350 to $2000 (no photograghy)

$99 + $250 = $349


5% (customer service)

8% to 10%

0% (no customer service)

Buyer's Premium

8% (customer service)

8% to 15%

5% (no customer service)

Shipping (Seller) 


$1.00 - $2.50 per mile


 Opportunities to sell





The Difference for Buyers...

Once again, we provide you with the peace of mind and customer service of a live auction house but without all the normal worries and hassle of purchasing with an online classified or timed event provider. Our staff will have professionally written the vehicle description, decoded the VIN and verified the title matches the vehicle. The professional photography and videography will not only capture the beauty of the vehicle but its condition. Our website will be a one stop shop providing you everything you need to purchase a vehicle including financing and shipping options … even acquiring the necessary appraisal for insurance. You will have no registration fees (deposit required to bid), a reasonable buyer’s premium of only 8% and three opportunities to buy with us online.

  • Auction with Proxibid
    • Beginning Friday at 10a through Saturday at 5p.
    • Professional handling of transfer of monies, all necessary purchase paperwork and title transfer.
  • PostSale Auction with Auction Mobility
    • Beginning Friday at 10a through Saturday at 5p.
    • Professional handling of transfer of monies, all necessary purchase paperwork and title transfer.
  • Private Sale on website
    • Professional handling of transfer of monies, all necessary purchase paperwork and title transfer.


Meet the Team:


Craig Corbell

No grass grows under the feet of Craig Corbell. He is the President and CEO of Advanced Safety, LLC, Rowdy, LLC, Global Training and Environmental and NOW Cord & Kruse LLC. He has dedicated himself to improving the working and living environments of the Greater Houston and Galveston areas for over 21 years, and now operates in multiple other states. He founded Advanced Safety and Global Training to ensure safe work environments for the employees of companies of all sizes, from small businesses to multinational corporations. Rowdy LLC provides Craig the opportunity to beautify the East End of Houston, Texas by purchasing and refurbishing residential and commercial properties. Adding Cord & Kruse to his portfolio will allow Craig to enjoy his passion for collectible vehicles while reinventing how we buy and sell cars online. Craig has been an avid collector of cars and automobilia. He owns the Cord automobile trademark and lives in the East End with his two dogs, Jake, and Moolah.

Tiffany Kruse

As the eldest daughter of Daniel Kruse, co-founder of Kruse International, Tiffany was quite literally born into the collector car industry. She began her career in the auction business running clerk tickets at five years old at the inaugural Auburn Auction on Labor Day weekend in 1976. Spending every summer on the road working auctions with her father, Tiffany has had the privilege to have been trained and mentored by the best in the industry in every aspect of the business from clerk to auctioneer to chief operations officer. She has attended both the Missouri Auction School and Reppert School of Auctioneering, as well as, attending classes on the appraisal of personal property by the International Society of Appraisers. As a third generation Kruse in the auction business, Tiffany has experience that gives her a unique industry perspective. During her 25+ years in the industry, she is fortunate to have worked alongside many prestigious collectors and other successful auction houses. Tiffany lives in San Antonio with her family, including her favorite and only grandson, Kameron. She can often be found speeding her yellow Jeep down curvy Texas Hill Country roads in search of collector cars, vintage motorcycles, and Texas Country music.